About Apocalyptee

ce moiJordan Gaither

I'm just a humble kill-mo-tron, masquerading as a human man with a fantastic beard. I paid extra for the beard. When I'm not plotting the total annihilation of humanity's shoes, I design t-shirts because...well, destroying 7+ billion shoes is tough.

Why Apocalyptee?

As a massive video game and geeky shirt enthusiast, I make it my business to own at least one amazing piece of wearable art for every fandom I'm a part of.

Unfortunately, many of the smaller, more niche franchises don't have any good merch, and that...that was just not acceptable.

I decided to make myself the shirts I wanted, that no one else had. When my friends and fellow geeks saw them, they...kind of panicked a little.

So, I decided to start making more of them for everyone, and voila - Apocalyptee!

Now I get to work with some of the best artists, providing high-quality, super-comfy tagless nerd tees for great prices to my fellow nerds!

Qualitee & Charitee

You probably noticed that we don't sell our shirts for $5, and that's for a few reasons.

Firstly, my gummy bear addiction ain't gonna feed itself. Secondly, and more-importantly, because I don't believe in delivering a crap-quality product under any circumstances, because you're not gonna be happy, and then I'm not gonna be happy.

So, instead, I opted for quality.

I hand-picked the best possible tee I could find (super-soft and comfy, with a tearaway tag), and I get them printed with durable, long-lasting methods that are guaranteed to withstand endless washes.

Also, every tee sold means another tee gets donated to charity, because not everyone's as lucky as we are.

Keep buying Apocalyptee, and you'll be making the world a better place.

- Jordan G.